Monday, March 15, 2010

How long does it take for short hair to grow up to shoulder/collar bone/pony tail length?

I've been in short hair all these while, as far as i can rmb the last time i had long was 10 yrs old back in primary school. Now i'm 20, i decided to go back to the old school long hair(boy that's how long it took me to change my hairstyle).

My hair is not as short as pixie short, but the rather longer like erm..Ellen Degeneres type of short, with fringe up to my jaw. But my most recent hairstyle was bob.

As you know, bob is longer in the front and shorter at the back, as it grows longer, it is started to go out of shape. So i went to trim it, plus i heard that trimming will make your hair grows faster because of healthier ends sth like that.

But now my fringe is trimmed to be as short as the hair at the back, so i'm back to my usual short hair AGAIN and NOWHERE NEAR LONG HAIR.

How long more will it take for my hair to reach collar bone/pony tail length? Is it true that trimming will make it grow faster? Any other ways to make my hair grow faster?How long does it take for short hair to grow up to shoulder/collar bone/pony tail length?
maybe about six months, it depends on how fast your hair grows

eat foods with lots of protein, and be gentle when you brush it so the ends wont break off. regular trimming doesn't make your hair grow faster, it keeps it from getting dry and brittle and breaking, so it seems like it's growing faster.How long does it take for short hair to grow up to shoulder/collar bone/pony tail length?
I had hair that was only about an inch long all over, pixie style short, its now past my shoulders. The last time i got it cut short was about 2 years ago. But my hair is very fine and brittle, it breaks real easy. Trimming it will make it thicker and more healthy, but it wont necessarily make it grow quicker. Im just about sick of long hair and am thinking about going short again, no more tangles, just get up in the morning, put product on and scruff it up, away i go, no more brushing, no more expensive visits to the hairdresser for color, no more blow drying, no more washing and then detangling. Stuff this, im making an appointment tommorrow, i want my hair super short again.
Trimming every few months does help, but only trimming, not having a hair-cut.

Slightly trim it and keep it the way it is, I heard the hair grows faster during summer.

Just forget it after trimming it, and one day you'll forget when you last had short hair.

I trimmed my hair in January, and for a month or two, I've been feeling it needs trimming again, so I'll celebrate summer doing so, and knowing it will be healthier and longer in fall.
Max 3 months
For Healthy and Shiny hair

It is better to apply castor oil for a healthy growth of hair.

Wash hair with tea once in a week. (more and more)

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